Colorado Archery Begins

Wildness Nutrition is fortunate enough to be based in the heart of elk territory in Gunnison, Colorado.  Our staff takes full advantage of the surrounding wilderness areas and the ample amount of elk and mule deer.  

Glassing up high country elk

With a bull elk tag in his pocket our Founder and CEO Tyler Long has been scouting the West Elk Wilderness (GMU 53) all summer long on the weekends as well as participating in the Train To Hunt series.  We enjoy preparing for the hunt all year with archery shooting and a steady diet of weight training and a ton of cardio in all flavors to mix things up!  Backcountry elk hunting on public lands truly is a lifestyle that we enjoy living as it provides a great year round quality of life!

Be Wild - Be Resilient

Now that hunting season is here all of that work has paid off as scampering around the mountains with a loaded pack is much much easier and we are able to go farther and deeper into public lands to avoid the crowds and get on some virgin elk.

While it is still early in the season, we enjoy every opportunity to hit the woods and  have some close encounters with a ton of mule deer and some elk!   It is so much fun to get into the high country and above 11,000' to put the stalk on these animals!

Fresh Elk Rub