Our Philosophy

wild ness


the character of being uncultivated, undomesticated, or inhospitable.


Wildness Performance Nutrition is a venture backed philanthropy company originating from Tyligent Industries Inc. 


As Wildness,  we are a company of outdoors people for outdoors people.  With our various assortment of nutritional products and supplements, we offer the highest of quality. We give back 10% of our profits to back country related activism and conservation.  Simply put, 10% profit given back is the highest in the industry.


Founded by entrepreneur, Tyler Long, in the heart of elk country within the Gunnison Valley of Colorado.  We stand behind diligent public land usage across the nation and believe in venture based philanthropy as a way to help protect what we love! 


Katie Lewinger

Katie has resided in the Gunnison Valley since 2010.  With devotion to the preservation and conservation of land, she hopes to be a catalyst in protecting the land we all use through Wildness Nutrition's venture philanthropy framework. With her experience in the outdoor entrepreneurial world, she is excited to look to the future, create novel nutritional products and be backed by a mission anyone can stand behind. 



Tyler Long

Tyler Long CEO


A self made serial entrepreneur and outdoors man, Tyler started his first successful company at the age of 20 in his college dorm room. Since then, he has quickly built multiple companies spanning different market segments. Combining his passion for hunting with his business skills, he envisions Wildness Nutrition as an impact investment that truly serves. It is rooted in not only supplying outdoors men and woman with cutting edge nutritional products, but standing up and supporting sports mans' rights throughout the United States.